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Our Mission Statement

Hollinwood Hub is a company limited by guarantee, with the remit of creating a brighter future and better quality of life for residents of Hollinwood, Oldham. We will help to increase the aspirations, confidence and self-esteem of residents with the aim of overcoming negative perceptions of the area and addressing financial hardship.

Our vision is to create a sustainable, strong and aspirational community able to meet its own needs and contribute to creating a better quality of life for local residents. We hope to achieve this through developing, delivering and supporting a wide range of community activities across Hollinwood, including promoting employment and training opportunities, financial inclusion, healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

The organisation will grow the scale and reach of the community activity within Hollinwood, and secure additional investment for the area. It will work alongside existing partners in the area such as the local authority, local housing associations, the area’s schools, community groups and most importantly residents, as well as make use of existing community facilities.  It will promote and champion the local area, support and enhance the work of existing groups, co-ordinate community activity and empower local people to become involved.

The ultimate aim is to make a difference to the lives of Hollinwood residents, making the area a better and safer place to live with greater opportunities for current and future generations.

Hollinwood Hub Objectives

The activities of the Hollinwood Hub will be focused around five key objectives as set out below.

Ojective 1 – To develop the capacity and skills of Hollinwood residents through increasing community engagement, activity and aspirations

The Hollinwood Hub will help to develop a stronger, more active and confident Hollinwood community with higher levels of aspiration, engagement and self-esteem. We will do this by working with local residents to deliver activities aimed at increasing confidence and self-esteem, raising aspirations and improving the image of the area.

Objective 2 – To provide Hollinwood residents with the opportunities to develop their skills, access training and lifelong learning

The Hollinwood Hub will seek to deliver an increase in the number of skilled Hollinwood residents through increasing access to training opportunities for local people linked to their individual needs. We will encourage a culture of lifelong learning, resulting in improved self-esteem, confidence and up-skilling of local residents.

Objective 3 – To prevent and relieve poverty through promoting enterprise and employment opportunities and effective money management

The Hollinwood Hub will aim to reduce benefit dependency amongst local residents, by helping residents to secure and sustain employment and consider self-employment opportunities. The Hub will also help individuals to develop their financial confidence, maximise household income, have access to quality budgeting advice and reduce fuel poverty.

Objective 4 – To raise the aspirations and increase the involvement of young people within their community

The Hollinwood Hub will support young people in the local area to raise their aspirations, and become involved and engaged in their local community. This will include the development and delivery of summer and out of school activities within the local area, promoting volunteering and delivering awareness raising projects and campaigns.

Objective 5 – To improve the health and wellbeing of the Hollinwood population and promote healthy and more active lifestyles

The Hollinwood Hub will aim to support residents to lead healthy lifestyles, including promoting healthy eating, community sport and leisure activities and supporting those facing issues and barriers relating to drug and alcohol misuse, chaotic lifestyles and mental health issues.